A cocktail or a beer? You can have both at the 14th Fairs of Tastes!
24. 1. 2020
Fairs of Tastes Exceed Expectations on the Very First Day
5. 2. 2020

Workshops and competitions – a special value of the Fairs of Tastes

The 14th International Professional Fairs of Tastes GASTexpo & Ice cream that will bring together 8 Ho-Re-Ca fields – Gastronomy, Beverages, Coffee, Confectionery, Bakery, Ice cream, Wine, and Hospitality – Hotel Industry are almost here. As the leading specialised fairs of this kind in the region, they provide a space for professional socialising, without which the profession would not develop as it is. They play an irreplaceable role each year in presenting the latest trends, good practices, and technological innovations in the hospitality and hotel industry. The fairs will be held for 4 days, from 29 January to 1 February, and the exhibitors will daily prepare interactive presentations, tastings, equipment tests, innovations, and you will also be able to take part in various workshops or competitions.

Workshops with experts and chefs

Workshops and competitions are  responsible for developing the profession and improving the quality of the overall gastronomic experience, which is why we try to take a step forward in professionalism every year and follow trends in the preparation of the workshop program. As a special value to the Fairs of Tastes, they attract many visitors every year, so that we even have to limit the number of places due to their quality performance. The workshops are organized in cooperation with culinary experts and chefs – the 14th International Fairs of Tastes offer more than 50 workshops. Chefs from the Horeca Center will show how to prepare ice cream using professional appliances, SOUS VIDE cooking, quick and delicious desserts, visitors will also be able to taste fresh homemade pasta and cook with two top chefs Darko Klemen (Masterchef) and Primož Dolničar (Kitchen 24). At the showroom of the company Kremeniti, you can participate daily in the show cooking with event with Boštjan Palčič.












Topespresso Slovenia will host workshops for BARISTA & LATTE ART GRADING. On the last day of the fairs, on Saturday, Luigi Lupi, the father of Latte Art, will host  workshops on coffee, skills, and knowledge of baristas in their showroom.

Makabo‘s showroom will be all about sweetness and joy – presenting ice cream trends for 2020, ice cream cups workshops, mini desserts, ice cream, coffee, fruit sorbets, rolls, cakes,… using professional appliances, a GOLOSEINTESE workshop – a combination of flavours of fruit and chocolate – useful for baking crostatas, cakes, workshops on how to decorate ice cream boxes and everything you need to know about CREATING SINGLE-SERVING SWEETS – a classic with a modern touch.

Chef Naser Gashi, founder of the first French pastry education in Slovenia, will also host some sweet workshops. He prepared 4 workshops for the participants – preparation of a chocolate soufflé, fraisier/strawberry cake, brioche/leavened dough, and burger buns.

With the Association of Chefs and Confectioners of Slovenia, we will get to know the world of pizza and learn how to prepare different types – from healthy pizza to Romana and Napoletana. Pizza makers will set up a particularly fast school of pizza, where they will pass on their knowledge to the participants. Each participant will also receive a certificate of attendance.

Master brewers will organize brewing workshops, where participants will learn about draft beer and, at the same time, the brewers will answer all related questions of the interested participants. Venka Vojo and the Bartenders Association of Slovenia are organizing attractive cocktail mixing workshops – we will get to know more about rum, gin, sparkling elixir, cocaler, and mix soft drinks, while following new trends, of course.












Six competitions for the best culinary creators

In addition to the expert workshops, the 14th International Specialised Fairs of Tastes will be spiced up by competitions. We are preparing six competitions – the 3rd Beer of the Year award, the 8th International Best Pizza Maker competition, the 10th International Championship of Gelato – GOURMET ICE CREAM, the 2nd TOPESPRESSO LATTE ART GRADING SYSTEM National Championship Slovenia and two cocktail mixing competitions – ICC VENKA VOJO TROPHY 2020 – fancy drink, and the 29th DP & ICC VENKA VOJO – Non-alcoholic cocktail.












You can now apply for workshops and competitions; all information and application forms can be found on our web site at https://www.gast.si/za-obiskovalce/program-dogajanja/

Join us, and together we will shape the present and future of our profession, one of the fastest growing and changing industries. Every year we go one step further in the offer, the quality and professionalism of fairs. Join us this year!