9. 3. 2023

Events at the 16th Ho-Re-Ca Fairs of Tastes GASTexpo!

At this year's 16th international hybrid Ho.Re.Ca. Fairs of Tastes GASTexpo, together with the exhibitors, we once again created a surplus fair and set new guidelines in Ho.Re.Ca. sector.
9. 2. 2023


Can't decide what to do on the 16 th Ho.Re.Ca Taste Fairs? Then you've come to the right page! We cannot advise you on business decisions, but we can tell you what will be happening at our place!
9. 2. 2023

Everything you need for a quality visit to the fair

Are you ready for the 16 th Ho-Re-Ca Hybrid Taste Fairs GASTexpo? So, how should we get ready? Like this!
10. 11. 2022


Hybrid? That’s right! In 2023, the GASTexpo Fairs of Flavours invite you to experience both the traditional and the digital version! Why? Practice proves that the trend is moving in the direction of HYBRID FAIRS – a combination of traditional and digital fairs!
16. 3. 2022

Everything you need to know before the start of the 15th Fairs of tastes – GASTexpo & Ice cream

We’re back again! After a two-year absence, the time has come to return for the 15th time this year – GASTexpo & Ice Cream Taste Fair, […]
28. 2. 2022

WORKSHOPS and CHAMPIONSHIPS are waiting for you. Hurry up with applications – the number of places is limited.

Workshops with experts and master chefs – domestic and foreign! Workshops and competitions also take care of the development of the profession and raising the quality […]
13. 2. 2022

The 9th national championship “BEST PIZZA CHEF OF SLOVENIA” has been announced

Pizza chefs are already in action! At the GASTexpo Fairs of tastes we will host the 9th open (international) championship “BEST PIZZA CHEF OF SLOVENIA 2022”, […]
3. 11. 2021

Preparations for the GASTexpo Fairs of tastes 23 – 26. 3. 2022 are in full swing

Do you miss fairs? Chat, share information and live product presentations? Experiences with the covid epidemic convincingly proves that virtual communication is far from and cannot […]
5. 2. 2020

A Record-Breaking 14th International Specialized Fairs of Tastes Are Behind Us

Precisely at 7 p.m. the 14th International Specialized Fairs of Tastes closed their doors after having exceeded all expectations. They were more successful than all previous […]
5. 2. 2020

We’ve got it! GASTexpo Beer of the Year 2020! And Also the Gourmet Ice Cream of 2020!

On the third day of the Fairs of Tastes we competed, won, rejoiced in the success and made new business connections. We got the GASTexpo Beer […]