The content refers to the last fair GASTexpo 2020 – the new one is in preparation.

»Viva la Pizza! Pizza Romana, Napoletana, Classica! Focaccia, Bruschette, Ciabatta! «


                    29th January – 1st February 2020


Did you know that the term pizza is over 1000 years old? The first known mention of the word dates back to 997. The GASTexpo’s Pizza Fair does not yet have such a long tradition, but in recent years it has established itself as one of the key elements of the entire event. It opens the door to the pizza world, which is certainly one of the most dominant in the culinary world.

The greatest Italian masters and world champions in pizza baking will come and share their knowledge and experience at the workshops. They will provide a special School of Pizza for the visitors, where they will learn how to make a good pizza dough, how to make a healthy pizza, … And the difference between Romana, Napoletana, and Classica. The professionalism and relevance of the workshop is also guaranteed by the certificate of attendance that participants receive at the end.

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But this time we will go a step further – the Fairs of Tastes will get its official pizza! For now, let’s keep it a secret. Visit us at the fair and together we will spoil our taste buds with a mix of genuine Italian flavours.

Every year, the competition for the »Best pizza chef of Slovenia« is very eagerly awaited, and this year it is being held for the eighth time, with international participation. Pizza bakers and chefs can enter the competition as individuals or as representatives of their pizzeria or restaurant.