Over 500 exhibitors, more than 500 novelties, innovations, and presentations
24. 1. 2020
Workshops and competitions – a special value of the Fairs of Tastes
24. 1. 2020

A cocktail or a beer? You can have both at the 14th Fairs of Tastes!

The 14th International Specialised Fairs of Tastes will provide comprehensive insights into trends, good practises and technological innovations in the HO-RE-CA area. The Fairs of Tastes provide a place for relaxed professional socializing and cover eight important areas – gastronomy, drinks, coffee, confectionery, bakery, hospitality – hotel equipment, ice cream, and wine. The Fairs will have their doors open for four days, from 10:00 to 19:00.












Following trends in 2020

In all these years, the Fairs of Tastes have established an indispensable link between employees and experts in the profession, as well as the interested professional public. They keep pace with progress and give space to technological innovation in the field, but essentially remain true to the primary role of the Fairs as a medium – emphasizing the importance and quality of the personal contact that opens the door to the world.

This year’s professional and exhibition program will follow trends and innovations in 2020, with the focus on the selection of drinks. Together with bartenders of the Bartenders Association of Slovenia and the company Venka Vojo, we are preparing a broad and professional insight into the world of mixing cocktails – from the presentation of trends in non-alcoholic and alcoholic cocktails, equipment, to tastings and competitions. The workshops will bring gin, rum, cocalero and sparkling elixir to the fore, suitable for all occasions. The 14th The International Fairs of Tastes will crown the winners in two categories – ICC VENKA VOJO – Non-alcoholic cocktail and ICC VENKA VOJO TROPHY 2020, which is a completely new competition in our country.












We are preparing a special surprise this year – the International Specialised Fairs of Tastes will be get its official cocktail – because this is more than suitable for the 14th fair in a row. Its appearance and taste are still a mystery to us. In fact, we will not know until the official launch of the Fairs, on 29 January. Our bartenders keep the recipe carefully, so we are looking forward to the first day of the Fairs when the secret will be revealed.

Beer of the Year and KrAftRCA

We also took care of the beer lovers – with workshops, competitions, and tastings. We will award the 3rd GASTexpo Beer of the Year, a title that craft breweries are competing for. Master brewers of Pivovarna Laško Union will organize brewing workshops, and exhibitors will ensure that the beer does not stop flowing during the tastings. The KrAftRCA of Loo-blah-nah craft brewery is also coming, a real revival of the fair events, which will attract attention and stimulate lively debates, as well as selfies. What exactly are we talking about? Come and meet KrAftRCA.

There is no dilemma whether we should taste cocktails or beer at the 14th International Specialised Fairs of Tastes. You can taste both! Or wine – the wine will also be presented at the exhibition grounds. On the other hand, we can taste all three, the Fairs of Tastes will last for four days – long enough for everyone to find something to their taste.












Every year we try to go one step further in the offer, the quality and professionalism of of the programme. At the upcoming Fairs of Tastes, we focused our efforts especially on improving the range of cocktails and beers – we can confidently say that we have succeeded. Join us and see for yourself!