The GASTexpo Fairs of tastes are inviting to the 13th international professional fairs, which will take place from January 30th to February 2nd 2019 at Gospodarsko razstavišče in Ljubljana!

At the fairs with 20,000 visitors, the exhibitors will showcase new tastes and fresh trends in catering and hospitality industry. The fairs are richer, bigger and varied from year to year, making the number of visitors annually rising.



1st National Championship TOPESPRESSO LATTE ART GRADING SYSTEM Slovenia

All qualified LATTE ART BARISTAS from Slovenia, who received a green, red or black Latte Art Grading System Slovenia cup, can apply for the competition.

For the first time in the history of Slovenia, the winner will perform at the Latte Art Grading System World Championship at the COFFEE Festival 2019 in Milan!

The LATTE ART workshops will be held by the father of Latte art, Mr. LUIGI LUPI and other world renowned and established masters from Italy, Ms. MANUELA FANSORE, Ms. CARMEN CLEMENTE and MARTINA LUPI.

This year’s novelty is joining other top-level workshops, where international and domestic masters share their secrets and offer practical knowledge to our visitors.

Special emphasis will be given to already established international and national competitions in pizza baking, preparation of ice cream and cocktails, selection of the beer of the year and others, organized by the fair in cooperation with exhibitors and recognized experts.

You can see the entire program of WORKSHOPS and COMPETITIONS at:


GASTexpo 2018

At the past international Fairs of tastes GASTexpo, we witnessed a varied selection of domestic and foreign exhibitors, interesting workshops, tastings, participation of international masters and competitors and numerous novelties.

The fair held many interesting workshops in the field of confectionery and bakery, preparation of ice cream, pizzas, coffee, vegan and bio culinary and others. They were prepared by local and foreign masters, who revealed their secrets to the visitors.

A special novelty of the last fairs was beer, which included workshops, guided tours and a competition for “GASTexpo BEER OF THE YEAR”. The competitions were also held in the fields of pizza baking and cocktail mixing.

The fair program of last year’s EVENTS and COMPETITIONS is available here:

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