The content refers to the last fair GASTexpo 2020 – the new one is in preparation.

»He, who invented beer, was a wise man.« (Plato)


             29th of January – 1st of February 2020


All about beer and everything that goes with it! The world of beer is booming – so many types of beer, so many brews and so many flavours. Experience the unbelievable expanse of hop »beverages«, get to know the craft culture, taste great beers from Slovenian microbreweries or acquire the necessary knowledge to become an expert brewer.

The beer world is an indispensable part of the Fairs of Tastes, as it provides the events of the (rising) Slovenian beer scene and at the same time offers an expert view of beer and brewing culture in general. Slovenia is experiencing a real revolution in the field of craft beers (the same is happening abroad), which is a combination of local environment, high-quality choice of ingredients, originality, creativity, hard work, and the diligence of the brewers.





Master brewers will also prepare attractive and interactive workshops for beer lovers. In addition, at the Fairs of Tastes we will announce the »GASTexpo Beer of the Year« again, which will be awarded to one of our microbreweries’ boutique beers. The Fairs will also be a chance to see and try the best and the highest quality brewing equipment and accessories.

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