Workshops and competitions – a special value of the Fairs of Tastes
24. 1. 2020
We Found the Best Pizza Chef of Slovenia and Established Who Mixes the Best Cocktails
5. 2. 2020

Fairs of Tastes Exceed Expectations on the Very First Day

The 14th International Specialized Fairs of Tastes have begun and already exceeded expectations on opening day. More than 500 exhibitors greeted the professional public and culinary enthusiasts at their exhibition stands. They presented trends, technological innovations and the way forward for the hotel and catering industry in 2020. Trends in ice creams, cocktails, pizzas, sauces, dips and tomato dishes have stood out.

Tomato Day, Cmok Day, Ice Cream Everywhere, the Official Pizza and Cocktail – and More

The first day featured various themes – Tomato Day, Cmok Day, an incredible array of ice creams, the Official GASTexpo Cocktail and the Official GASTexpo Pizza. Trends in the ice cream industry were presented, where this year sustainability will be in the foreground – the tastes focus on registered designation of (geographical) origin, protein ice creams and ice creams without added sugar will also make their mark. “Nowadays, people place great emphasis on the origin of products, so it’s no surprise that this also applies to ice creams. Of course we are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of a healthy, moderate lifestyle, which is why protein ice creams are gaining popularity,” Makabo, one of the largest ice cream manufacturers in Slovenia told us. 28 new ice cream flavors were available for testing, flavors not previously seen in Slovenia, as well as a number of old favorites.

We also greeted two large milestones – the Fairs of Tastes have gotten an Official Pizza and an Official Cocktail, prepared by pizza chefs and expert barmen in accordance with the latest trends – just like the fairs they represent. According to visitors, both have exceeded culinary expectations and set new trends for the Slovenian pizza and cocktail world.

Carlo Casoni, a chef from Italy who also works as the corporate chef for the company Mutti demonstrated his skills on opening day. He offered cooking advice, saying: “I really believe in Mutti and I stand behind the brand, as we put quality first, not quantity. We can produce a maximum of one kilogram of tomato pulp or puree from two kilograms of tomatoes, and we always adhere to this principle. That is why we can guarantee quality,” Casoni told us.

Vegan Dishes Drew a Lot of Attention

The exhibition space of the Slovenian Vegan Association drew a lot of attention, also from the media. They made vegan pancakes, vegan Bolognese sauce – even a TV reporter joined them in the kitchen – and presented their 30-day vegan challenge. They informed visitors about animal-friendly sustainable cooking that does not harm the planet.

A Healthy Pizza, Cocalero, How to Correctly Pour a Beer, Chocolate Soufflé etc.

A number of interesting competitions were held on opening day – participants had the opportunity to learn all about making a healthy pizza, how to correctly pour beer, they made chocolate soufflés, tried making homemade pasta with the help of professional appliances, made cocktails from the sacred spirit of the Andes, learned all about sous vide cooking, enjoyed goloseintese – a combination of fruity tastes and chocolate – and got to know ice cream trends and novelties for 2020.