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20. 3. 2024
How is ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE affecting the Ho-Re-Ca sector?
22. 5. 2024

What’s popular in the Ho-Re-Ca sector at the moment?

Guests are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues and sustainable principles, so you need to act accordingly. Try to reduce your carbon footprint, use locally produced food, recycle and reduce waste. Share your activities transparently with your guests and keep them informed of your positive practices.


The unstoppable growth of digitalisation in recent years has effectively contributed to the development and growth of the Ho-Re-Ca sector and is becoming an increasingly important part of the business to which we must adapt. The broad spectrum of digital changes ranges from ordering food via apps and electronic payments to managing reservations digitally. This is the first step in going digital if you are not already on social networks and the internet. Use visually appealing photos of your products and services to attract new visitors to your website or to order food from your app.


Menu design must consider the increase in dietary restrictions and the dietary requirements of guests. It is advisable to have at least one gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian dish on the menu. In addition to drinks that meet specific dietary requirements, it is advisable to include traditional alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine, cocktails and various juices.


The analysis and insights focus on the customer's entire experience with you, not just your actual offer. We recommend a homely atmosphere, creative food and drink presentation and friendly staff with a smile on their face.


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