Everything you need to know before the 14th Fairs of Tastes open
24. 1. 2020
A cocktail or a beer? You can have both at the 14th Fairs of Tastes!
24. 1. 2020

Over 500 exhibitors, more than 500 novelties, innovations, and presentations

For the 14th consecutive year, the upcoming Fairs of Tastes will provide an insight into the latest trends and technological innovations in the hospitality and hotel industry. As the leading specialised fairs in the Ho-Re-Ca field (Hotels, Restaurants, Catering) in the region, they are an indispensable link between employees and experts in the profession, as well as the interested professional public. The fair provides quality in service, a diverse and varied range of offer, but above all, it gives a well-earned space for professionalism and innovation in catering and hotel industry.












There will be no shortage of events on the showrooms

14. The International Specialised Fairs of Tastes will consist of more than 500 home and foreign exhibitors representing (renowned) brands and companies. For month, they have been preparing a professional exhibition program as it has never been before. You will be able to enjoy expert workshops, interactive lectures, attractive presentations, an innovative exhibition program, interesting competitions, tastings and testing of various devices, equipment, and machines. There will be no shortage of events in the showrooms, and every visitor will be able to find something to their taste. You will be able to learn first-hand about new food and beverage preparation technologies and trends dictated by their service.

The exhibitors also invited culinary experts and chefs, including Luigi Lupi, the father of Latte Art, Carlo Casoni, an Italian chef – Mutti corporate chef, a culinary promoter Boštjan Palčič, Primož Dolničar, David Bais,…

For the first time in Slovenia, we will be able to see award-wining porcelain first-hand, experience the presentation of table top machines that change the way we prepare food, learn how to make homemade pasta using appliances, and learn about some applications and programs that will make catering and hotel business easier. For the first time, we will also be presenting the non-alcoholic rum Rumish and gin Ginish, we will award the 3rd Beer of the Year and welcome two brand new cocktail mixing competitions – ICC VENKA VOJO TROPHY 2020 – fancy drink, and the 29th DP & ICC VENKA VOJO – Non-alcoholic cocktail.












Dumpling day, Tomato day, With prosecco in the hearth, Green gold, Show cooking,…

There will be a lot of cooking and even more tasting in the showrooms. Ljubljanske mlekarne (Ljubljana dairies) is preparing a special Dumpling Day and Mutti a Tomato Day. Kremeniti will host show-cooking every day, open to anyone eager for new knowledge. At the show room of Makabo, there will be more than 28 different kinds of Ice cream to taste. The Italian company DG Global Project srls will organize as many as three events and presentations – with PROSECCO in the HEART, GREEN GOLD – extra virgin olive oil, as well as the presentation of high quality wines VALPOLICELL and FRANCIACORTA. Companies dealing with catering and hotel equipment, will allow you to check and try out all the equipment on display and get a first-hand experience that can be easily transferred to your business.

There will certainly be no shortage of interesting events, even events that were not seen before; the 14th International Specialised Fairs of Tastes will fit everyone’s taste. You can also see the complete professional program, events in showrooms, and the news at https://www.gast.si/za-obiskovice/program-dogajanja/, and on our social networks Facebook and Instagram.