Everything you need for a quality visit to the fair
9. 2. 2023
The 16th Ho-Re-Ca Hybrid Fairs of Tastes GASTexpo in Ljubljana has come to a successful close
9. 3. 2023


Can't decide what to do on the 16 th Ho.Re.Ca Taste Fairs?

Then you've come to the right page!

We cannot advise you on business decisions, but we can tell you what will be happening at our place!

Every morning starts with a good coffee, but how can you make it even better?

Baristas (from Atlantic Droga Kolinska) will organize workshops BARISTA Basics & LATTE ART for you at the Barcaffe showroom.
At the workshop BARISTA Basics, you will get to know the work of a Barcaffe barista, learn what affects the taste of a coffee drink and what impact do a machine and a grinder have on coffee; you will learn about extraction, evaluation of an espresso drink and how to maintain a clean espresso equipment and much more.
At the LATTE ART workshop, you will get the skills to prepare microcream and Latte art, you will learn about coffee drinks, about LAGS and more.
The workshops are free and the number of registrations is limited, so hurry up and register. https://www.gast.si/en/latte-art-3/

Are you also thinking about lunch after a good coffee and a few minutes at work? Our suggestion: pizza!

KZ Metlika will be with us again with the Pizza Making School. The workshops were created under the watchful supervision of their master pizza makers, who will share their knowledge, experience and advice with you.
You can sign up for the workshop Getting to Know the World of Pizza, Quick Pizza School or ask about individual courses.
Don't forget that the 10 th Jubilee competition for the "BEST PIZZA CHEF" of Slovenia is taking place this year. Will your pizza get the title of the official pizza of the 16 th GASTexpo Taste fairs?
You can find more information and instructions for registering for the pizza school and the competition at https://www.gast.si/en/school-of-pizza-2/

And an ice cream for dessert!

Carpigiani's chef – Stefano Marinucci, who has decades of experience as a chef and ice cream maker, will also be present at the Makabo exhibition space from Wednesday to Friday. He has worked as a chef for many starred restaurants and for television programs. Today he is a consultant and lecturer at the Carpigiani Gelato University. Join him! https://www.gast.si/en/confectionery-workshops/

If you are not one of those who would eat ice cream in winter, join LA GANACHE workshops!

The workshops will be hosted by Chef Baser Gashi, a confectioner from the French school, who is also the founder of the first French confectionery education in Slovenia. You will be able to treat yourself to walnut pie, macarons, ... and this year also to diabetic biscuits for those of you who are into a little less sweetness. https://www.gast.si/en/confectionery-workshops/

GIZ HO.RE.CA Center invites you to free cooking and baking workshops on all fair days.

The cooking workshops will be hosted by Jernej Podpečan and the excellent culinary master and well-known TV personality Boštjan Palčič from Gastrofuzi, who has been dancing around stoves for almost 30 years. The baking workshops are hosted by Pola Bekeraj and a confectioner Klemen.
Of course, there is never enough ice cream! Also at the Horeca Center exhibition area, you will be able to acquire new skills in making ice cream and dispensing ice cream into smaller packages. Yummy! https://www.gast.si/en/gastronomy-workshops-by-horeca-center/

NEW at exhibition sites

  • Throughout the fair days, exhibitors will present themselves at their showrooms with a wide range of Ho.RE.Ca equipment and demonstrations of their use – from the range of professional kitchens, ovens, dishwashers and washing machines, ice machines, coffee machines, etc.
  • You will also be able to enjoy a selection of new drinks, coffees, teas, a diverse selection of known and new domestic and foreign beers.
  • Kindly welcome to the Laško Union Brewery stand, with the innovative and functionally perfected Pircheck application that makes learning fun, aimed at educating and stimulating employees in the catering industry.
  • Bartenders will surprise you with secret recipes with a lively range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.
  • Also, welcome again to tastings of collected Meukow cognacs, renowned Berryshka drinks and a selection of domestic and foreign wines.
Every year, exhibitors come up with new things to enrich your experience and help you make better business choices! You can preview some of this year's innovations on our website https://www.gast.si/en/noveltys-and-program-on-the-exhibition-spaces/

What’s new with us: Some workshops and competitions will be broadcast live or “streamed” for the FIRST time this year at the FIRST digital Taste fair GASTexpo!
Follow us at the digital fair, where the streaming programme will be announced in the coming days https://register.confiva.com/gastexpo/

You are invited to view the program of events and see you very soon!

*The Minister of Health warns: Consumption of alcohol may be harmful to your health!

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The Hybrid Fair is definitely a step into the future – Thank you for helping us shape it!

Hibridni sejem je zagotovo korak v prihodnost – Hvala, da le to oblikujemo skupaj z vami!