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14. 12. 2023
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11. 1. 2024

Pre-holiday time with GASTexpo Fairs of Taste

The pre-holiday season is a magical time full of warm moments that we love to share with our loved ones. As we decorate our homes and look forward to the festive season, we also indulge in festive drinks and culinary delights.

Every family serves something special at their dinner table – from juicy baked pork or turkey to gratinated potatoes and tasty vegetarian dishes.


As well as delicious food, festive drinks are the best way to warm up cold winter evenings. A glass of mulled wine with cinnamon and orange, or hot gin, is the perfect choice on cold days. For a proper non-alcoholic option, try a variety of teas or hot chocolate with whipped cream.

As the festive season is also a time for sweet treats, most homes (and probably yours) will smell of freshly baked biscuits, cakes or Christmas pudding.

We wish you a peaceful holiday season, filled with warmth and joy, good drinks and festive treats.

Thank you for your trust and for being with us this past year. We look forward to developing our relationship with you in the future.

As 2023 draws to a close, we wish you a healthy and prosperous start of the New Year.