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7. 12. 2023
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21. 12. 2023

Digitally or personally?

The 2024 edition of the Fairs of taste GASTexpo will also take a hybrid format, combining the best of both worlds – personal contact and a digital experience.

It will once again confirm the business note with the hybrid format, which follows and builds on the guidelines of trade fairs across Europe and allows access to the event anywhere and at any time. The Digital Fair platform will be fully open and accessible without registration. Therefore, there is nothing stopping you from attending a digital fair.


What are the positive experiences of a hybrid fair?

1. The digital fair starts 2 weeks before the classic fair, allowing exhibitors to reach their potential visitors earlier.
2. In the digital showroom, exhibitors can present their products and services before the traditional fair with videos, images, price lists, ...
3. Visitors can make an appointment to meet the exhibitor at the classic fair using the 'Make an Appointment' app.


Workshops and competitions will take place during the fair. Some will also be available via live streaming. You can watch the events live on the platform in real time or watch the recording later.

Digital fair is more flexible, extending the duration of the event and indirectly increasing the number of visitors and potential customers. As the digital fair continues for more than a week after the classic fair, visitors can ask exhibitors any additional questions they did not have the opportunity to ask at the fair.


NEW at the digital fair – an interactive floor plan!

The classic part of the fair will take place from 31st of January to 3rd of February 2024, and the digital part from 17th of January to 11th of February 2024.

Recognising that personal contact is still of paramount importance, the digital fair simply supports the traditional fair and provides additional tools to make it more effective.

For more information about the hybrid fair, please visit our website.


The Hybrid fair is a step into the future – thank you for sharing it with us!