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Discover St. Nicholas Day with GASTexpo

Did you know that the first known descriptions of St Nicholas' Day in Slovenia date all the way back to 1839? Some of the customs of St Nicholas' Day were a little different to those of today, but most of them have survived to the present day.

Before the Second World War, the invisible St. Nicholas used to come to children's homes at night to give them presents, bringing (dried) fruit, nuts, pastries and sweets to rural children and toys, books, school supplies and winter clothes to urban children. And they all usually get a wooden stick. Nowadays, children receive more material gifts, and adults rarely attend the St. Nicholas dance as they used to. There are fewer and fewer St. Nicholas fairs.

But one thing remains the same – there is always the smell of baking and sweets during the festive season.

The most famous are the sweet St. Nicholas Krampuses, St. Nicholases or leavened bread angels. In recent years, St. Nicholas honey cakes and St. Nicholas cakes with dried fruit have also appeared.


The bakery sector is on the rise, with more and more types and flavours of bread appearing in response to the healthy eating trend. Most retail chains offer freshly baked bread and other bakery products.

At the 17th Ho-Re-Ca Fairs of Tastes GASTexpo you will find not only bakery and confectionery products, but also the best suppliers of all things sweet and savoury. You'll find a wealth of exclusive recipes that follow the latest confectionery trends.

Your pastry and ice-cream creations will be more successful with a wide range of sweet and crunchy decorations, ice-cream pastes, creamy, milky and fruity coatings, toppings, modern fillings for baked pastries and many other ingredients for ice cream and pastry making.

We promise there will be no shortage of sweet treats at the Fairs of Tastes GASTexpo from 31st of January to 3rd of February 2024.

Look how sweet it was at the past Fairs of Tastes!


The Hybrid Fair is definitely a step into the future – Thank you for helping us shape it together!

Hibridni sejem je zagotovo korak v prihodnost – Hvala, da le to oblikujemo skupaj z vami!