New exhibitors and new tastes only on Fairs of Tastes 2020
13. 1. 2020
The first official »COCKTAIL GASTexpo 2020« at the Fairs of Tastes
13. 1. 2020

The first official »Pizza GASTexpo 2020« at the Fairs of Tastes

Did you know that the term pizza is over 1000 years old? The first known mention of the word dates back to 997.

Did you know that the first pizza, as we know it today, was created at the end of the 18th century, a few decades after the conquerors from America brought tomatoes into Europe? Did you know that the first official GASTexpo pizza will be created at the upcoming Fairs of Tastes?

Yes, you heard it right – the first official pizza of the Fairs of Tastes. In cooperation with our exhibitors and contractors, we are preparing a pizza that will set trends in 2020 – just like the International Specialised Fairs of Tastes. Only at the Fairs of Tastes 2020 will you be able to see and taste this pizza, so follow us as not to miss the opportunity to be among the first to see (and taste) new trends in the pizza world that will mark the coming year.












In addition to our own pizza, prepared in cooperation with the Slovene Association of Chefs and Confectioners, exhibitors and sponsors, the Fairs of Tastes will also offer a wide range of equipment and supplies for preparing, baking and serving pizzas. During the first days of the Fairs, the School of Pizza will be held, where well-known pizza chefs will share their knowledge and experience. The School of Pizza will primarily focus on what else can be created of the pizza dough, how to present pizza in different ways, how to make a healthy and how to prepare the »classics« like Romana and Napoletano that will impress even the most demanding guests.












Every year, the competition for the “Best pizza chef of Slovenia« is very eagerly awaited, and this year it is being held for the eighth time, with international participation. Pizza bakers and chefs can enter the competition as individuals or as representatives of their pizzeria or restaurant. The winner boasts the title »Best Pizza in Slovenia« and represents our country at the World Pizza Cup, which, an annual event organised in Naples, the birthplace of modern pizza.