The 2020 Fairs of Tastes will … fit everyone’s taste
13. 1. 2020
The first official »Pizza GASTexpo 2020« at the Fairs of Tastes
13. 1. 2020

New exhibitors and new tastes only on Fairs of Tastes 2020

For the 14th consecutive year, the upcoming Fairs of Tastes will provide an insight into the latest trends and technological innovations in the hospitality and hotel industry. As the leading specialised fairs in the Ho-Re-Ca field (Hotels, Restaurants, Catering), they are an indispensable link between employees and experts in the profession, as well as the interested professional public. The fair provides quality in service, a diverse and varied range of offer, but above all, it gives a well-earned space for professionalism and innovation in catering and hotel industry.












There will be no shortage of events on the showrooms

The preparation of food and drink is becoming a science, art and a unique culture, all processes are analysed in detail, food is becoming more refined and sophisticated, making it all the more important to follow trends, progress, and innovation for success in the industry. As a result, every year the Fairs of Tastes gains in importance and professionalism, which is increasingly recognized by the best companies and organizations that come to the fair as exhibitors.

New exhibitors and culinary masters are coming to the 2020 Fairs of Tastes to present new flavours. For months, they have been carefully working on a program that fit everyone’s taste. That is correct, every visitor will find something that catches their attention. More than 500 exhibitors prepare presentations and demonstrations of the latest equipment, kitchen utensils, and appliances. You will be able to learn first-hand about new food and beverage preparation technologies and trends dictated by their service. Local and foreign chefs will be invited to their showrooms, which will delight visitors with the art of preparing food and drink.












Dumpling day, Tomato day, Ginish, Rumish, Show cooking…

Let us provide you with some names that will co-create the 14th GASTexpo & Ice Cream International Specialised Fairs of Tastes. For the second year in a row, the father of Latte Art, the art of drawing on coffee foam, Luigi Lupi, will come from Italy, who will also be one of the judges of the 2nd TOPESPRESSO LATTE ART GRADING SYSTEM Slovenia Championship. Another Italian culinary master – the Mutti chef Carlo Casoni, who has also cooked for two of the Formula One best drivers Schumacher and Barrichello, will show us his skills. There will also be plenty of cooking and entertainment in the Kremeniti showrooms, where Slovenian chefs will delight us in »Show cooking«. Ljubljanske mlekarne (Ljubljana dairies) is preparing a special Dumpling Day and Mutti a Tomato Day. Bartenders of Venka Vojo will present a non-alcoholic gin Ginish and rum Rumish exclusively at the GASTexpo & Ice Cream Fairs of Tastes and will also prepare a special, brand new, drink mixing competition. There will certainly be no shortage of interesting events, even events that were not seen before; the 14th International Specialised Fairs of Tastes will … fit everyone’s taste.












More news and events on the 14th International Specialised Fairs of Tastes will be revealed soon, so stay tuned for our news and check our social networks.