The first official »Pizza GASTexpo 2020« at the Fairs of Tastes
13. 1. 2020
Everything you need to know before the 14th Fairs of Tastes open
24. 1. 2020

The first official »COCKTAIL GASTexpo 2020« at the Fairs of Tastes

The world of cocktails and mixing drinks is certainly one of the most attractive events at the Fairs of Tastes. With its long-standing reputation, quality and professionalism, every year it attracts the best companies, organisations, and individual masters, who impress the visitors with their presence, personality, and above all by sharing their knowledge and experience through various presentations, lectures, workshops, and tastings.

We are preparing a special surprise this year – the International Specialised Fairs of Tastes will be get its official cocktail – because this is more than suitable for the 14th fair in a row. Its appearance and taste are still a mystery to us. In fact, we will not know until the official launch of the Fairs, on 29 January. Our bartenders keep the recipe carefully, so we are looking forward to the first day of the Fair when the secret will be revealed. But we know something, it will certainly follow the trends and innovations in the field of beverage mixing in the upcoming year, as the Fairs of Tastes that the cocktail will represent are organised with novelties in mind.












In addition to the official GASTexpo cocktail, which can also be sampled, the Fairs will offer many innovations. The list of exhibitors is still being updated. In cooperation with our exhibitors and contractors, we are preparing Cocktail Mixing Workshops, which will be an experience for everyone with its varied programme. You will also be able to get first-hand information about equipment, ingredients, and raw materials for mixing drinks to get everyone excited about your work.

There will also be competitions in two categories – non-alcoholic cocktails and fancy drink. Anyone who wants to try out their own recipe for making cocktails can take part in the competition.












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*** “Minister of Health warns: Alcohol consumption may be harmful to health!”