22. 2. 2019
New exhibitors and new tastes only on Fairs of Tastes 2020
13. 1. 2020

The 2020 Fairs of Tastes will … fit everyone’s taste

Exactly 15 days and the doors will open wide to the 14th International Professional Fairs of Tastes that will bring together 8 Ho-Re-Ca fields – Gastronomy, Beverages, Coffee, Confectionery, Bakery, Ice cream, Wine, and Hospitality – Hotel Industry. As the leading specialised fairs of this kind, they play an irreplaceable role each year in presenting the latest trends and technological innovations in the gastronomy, hospitality and hotel industry. At the same time, they set the mirror for our profession, both in Slovenia and abroad, and outline the future.












Improved, finer, more professional every year

Last year, the Fairs of Tastes exceeded expectations and broke the record – with more than 500 exhibitors and more than 20,000 visitors, joint by the desire to acquire and share knowledge, expand business contacts and networks, promote their own brands, present and put the catering or hotel industry on the map and find new business opportunities. The organizers expect that this will be the case again this year, so we are striving to raise the offer, program, quality, and professionalism of the fair to a higher level.

GASTexpo Fairs of Tastes are the leading professional fairs in the Ho-Re-Ca field (Hotels, Restaurants, and Catering). They are therefore an indispensable link between employees and experts in the profession, as well as the interested professional public. The fair provides quality in service, a diverse and varied range of offer, but above all, it gives a well-earned space for professionalism and innovation in catering and hotel industry.












Presentations, exhibitions, tastings, workshops, lectures, competitions…

If it is true that exhibitors, who cover all areas of the catering industry, are the heart of the Fairs of Tastes and instil life into the fair, we can say that lectures, workshops and interactive courses are the soul of fairs. They offer participants a sophisticated opportunity to learn and refine from the best in the field. The workshops cover a wide culinary field – from pizza making school, pastry and bakery workshops, to the preparation of various foods using professional equipment, preparing cocktails, coffee, beer, and Latte Art & Barista workshops. Most of the workshops will be completely free and can be attended by anyone who is passionate about cuisine – professional or amateur.

Competitions will additionally enhance the four-day fair – this year you will also be able to compete with the best culinary creators in pizza baking, bar drinks mixing, ice cream making and the art of drawing on coffee milk cream. The fair is also reserved for the best beer connoisseurs and their boutique breweries, competing for the title of GASTexpo Beer of the Year.












Join us – as an exhibitor or visitor, and together we will shape the present and future of our profession, one of the fastest growing and changing industries. Every year we go one step further in the offer, the quality and professionalism of fairs. Join us this year!