Fairs of Tastes Exceed Expectations on the Very First Day
5. 2. 2020
We’ve got it! GASTexpo Beer of the Year 2020! And Also the Gourmet Ice Cream of 2020!
5. 2. 2020

We Found the Best Pizza Chef of Slovenia and Established Who Mixes the Best Cocktails

The second day of the fairs featured three competitions – Best Pizza Chef of Slovenia, as well as two new competitions in mixing cocktails which boast international participation. New ways of cooking, professional cooking appliances and a brand new ice cream flavor – chili – were presented, as well as a delicious strawberry cake that was created in collaboration with Naser Gashi. The conference Hospe Masters 2020 offered some advice from experts as various esteemed guests discussed and addressed the meaning of human capital in the catering and hospitality industry. Marius Cristian Cristea, the economic and commercial advisor at the Romanian embassy, also paid us a visit and presented some of the best wines Romania has to offer.

Premieres and Ice Cream Flavors that Indulge the Senses

The world gastronomy novelty – Scraegg – impressed the visitors. It’s an appliance that enables us to prepare a healthy meal in to time at all. This was one of the world premieres of this appliance. The robust and stylish appliance Scraegg uses steam to prepare delicious meals without any artificial additives. In only 15 seconds, the visitors could enjoy tender scrambled eggs with different flavors, oatmeal with fruit, vegetable soups and deserts. It was also the second day visitors had the opportunity to taste new ice cream flavors, this time with chili. Ice cream makers are promising a premiere for tomorrow, something not seen before in our parts!

We Made Pizzas, Mixed Cocktails, Competed and Rejoiced

We saw the 8th edition of the International Best Pizza Chef competition. 15 pizza chefs participated in the event – some amateurs, other professionals. The competition was quite fierce and Ismet Mušič came out victorious, preparing the pizza Clorofilla. He drew inspiration from Italy and used greens as a base – as much vegetables as possible. “The dough is left to rise for 3 days at a specific temperature. We only take it out after 72 hours and leave it to rest for an additional 2 hours before using it. It takes a bit longer, but you know it’s worth it once you try it. Instead of a tomato sauce we used homemade pesto Genovese. After some thought we added Fior di Latte, stewed leek, Parmesan cheese and fried mint, sage, basil, ruccola and kale. We finished things off with a nice Burrata and a touch of olive oil,” the winner told us. Second place went to Jan Lever, Uroš Novel was third.

Cocktail fans had the chance to enjoy two competitions – the ICC Venka Vojo Trophy 2020 Fancy Drink and Non-alcoholic Cocktail 29. DC & ICC drew international participants. Master barmen and women from Switzerland, Austria, Finland and Croatia attended the event. The Swiss Stefan Ludwig won the category non-alcoholic cocktails that featured international participants, and Edin Halačević was victorious among the Slovenes. The second and third place in the international competition went to Janina Kousa of Finland and Dominik Wolf of Austria. In the Slovenian competition, second place went to Rok Dobnikar, Dragi Kepeš finished third. In the category Fancy Drink, Tomaž Fartek finished first, surprising everyone with a combination of flavors in his cocktail – even Greek yogurt was one of the ingredients “The winning cocktail has a sophisticated taste, it’s a combination of gin, vanilla syrup and caramel, cinnamon and Greek yogurt with a touch of coconut. I drew inspiration for this holiday during my travels,” the winner told us. Second place went to Edin Halačeivić and Aleš Šmid finished third.