We’ve got it! GASTexpo Beer of the Year 2020! And Also the Gourmet Ice Cream of 2020!
5. 2. 2020
Preparations for the GASTexpo Fairs of tastes 23 – 26. 3. 2022 are in full swing
3. 11. 2021

A Record-Breaking 14th International Specialized Fairs of Tastes Are Behind Us

Precisely at 7 p.m. the 14th International Specialized Fairs of Tastes closed their doors after having exceeded all expectations. They were more successful than all previous editions – so many successful collaborations, new trends, innovations and premieres have never before been seen at this event. Today everyone is still overwhelmed with what they have achieved, but tomorrow the organizers already begin preparing for next year when the Fairs of Tastes are celebrating their 15th birthday. You can book your spot at the big event now – it will be an honor to celebrate with you.

Ice Cream Premieres and Delicacies from a Masterchef

The last day of the fairs also featured a big ice cream premiere – an ice cream with Black Malvoisie. Yes, that’s right – Black Malvoisie. That was also the first time we tasted Black Malvoisie in Slovenia. After the overwhelming reception the Official GASTexpo Pizza saw on opening day, we decided – together with the master pizza chefs – to let the visitors enjoy it one more time. Once again, it did not fail to impress with its refined mix of flavors. Jaka Mankoč, the Masterchef 2018 winner also spoiled visitors with his cooking skills, presenting the seldom seen sea fennel, better known under the name sea asparagus in his dishes. He prepared two masterpieces – Fuži with freshwater crayfish, crispy onion and sea asparagus, and a trout with fregola, cooked in beetroot juice, with crispy pork rinds and sea asparagus.

Last Day of the Fairs Filled with Workshops

Even on the last day of the fairs various culinary experts prepared interesting workshops. Italian confectionery experts taught how to prepare classic desserts with a modern flair. Barmen introduced new trends for non-alcoholic cocktails, 2020 will namely be the year of cocktails with non-alcoholic gin and rum. To wrap up the day, they served sparkling elixir which is suitable for all occasions. Pizza chefs from the Association of Chefs and Confectioners wrapped up their Pizza School that attracted more than 50 pizza lovers over the course of three days. The last day of the fairs featured workshops by another great master – the father of Latte Art Luigi Lupi who taught skills required of every great barista.

Until Next Year

The 14th International Specialised Fairs of Tastes hosted more than 500 exhibitors over the course of four days who prepared about just as many trends, exhibitions, premieres, best practices and technological innovations. Together with the exhibitors we prepared more than 50 different workshops and food preparation presentations. We got the Official GASTexpo Cocktail by Benka Vojo as well as the Official GASTexpo Pizza. The Fairs of Tastes hosted several competitions – the 3rd Beer of the Year, the 8th International Best Pizza Chef Competition, the 10th International Ice Cream-Making Competition – Gorumet Ice Cream, the 2nd National TOPESPRESSO LATTE ART GRADING SYSTEM Slovenia Championship and two drink-mixing competitions – ICC VENKA VOJO TROPHY 2020 – Fancy Drink, and the 29th DP& ICC VENKA VOJO – Non-Alcoholic Cocktail. The doors of the culinary world are open wide for the winners, putting them alongside the greatest masters.

The 14th International Specialised Fairs of Tastes were held together with the 31th Alpe-Adria Fair for Tourism, Camping and Caravanning – together we made the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention center bustle with events. More than 20.000 visitors came in four days to check out the latest trends and inovation in Gastronomy, Hospitality and Tourism.

Still overwhelmed with the success of the Fairs of Tastes GASTexpo & Ice Cream 2020 we waved each other goodbye and promised to meet again next year – from 27 January until 30 January 2021.