The content refers to the last fair GASTexpo 2020 – the new one is in preparation.

“Just one touch of nature, and the whole world will be more friendly.” (William Shakespeare)


      29th January – 1st February 2020


At the past Fairs of Tastes, vegan and bio workshops were held for the first time by Slovenian Vegan Society. They became a very important of the accompanying program as they will also get their space at the upcoming Fairs of Tastes. At the showroom of Slovenian Vegan Society they will be providing information on veganism and on a more sustainable kitchen, with no animal origin. At their showrooms they will be able to view the preparation of homemade drinks, also to taste them, soybean goulash and eggless pancakes and more different ideas on how to cook healthy, while staying animal and planet friendly.

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