“A chocolate-saving confectioner cannot produce first class sweets.” (Naser Gashi)


Do you wish to prepare desserts as the best French pastry chefs or simply worship chocolate as a real confectioner? Then come to our La Ganache workshops for some sweetness and joy. You will get to know the whole range of our sophisticated confectionery art and you can learn how to prepare delicious and elegant delicacies first-hand from the greatest masters.

Did you know that the name La Ganache has a tradition of more than 160 years – it is named after a delicious cream made of chocolate, sweet cream and butter, which was first prepared in 1850 in the iconic Parisian confectionery Sirau.

The master of French confectionery from the French school, Chef Naser Gashi, attracted visitors at the past Fairs. He is also the founder of the first French confectionery and bakery training in Slovenia, and through his work has contributed to the promotion of the culture of »confectionery« in our country.

Apply at: gashi@laganache.eu















KREMENITI d.o.o. invites to BAKING and CONFECTIONERY workshops (A2/32)


This year, too, there will be a varied and interesting program on the exhibition space of Kremeniti d.o.o., which will host students from the Ljubljana Biotechnical Educational Center – BIC Ljubljana, from the program BAKER and CONFECTIONER.


On WEDNESDAY, March 23, and THURSDAY, March 24, students from the program Baker from BIC Ljubljana will prepare small bakery cakes and offer them to visitors for tasting.


On FRIDAY, March 25, and SATURDAY, March 26, CONFECTIONERS will bake and decorate cookies with royal icing glaze, on the theme of Mother’s Day. The cookies will also be available for tasting.