24. 1. 2020

Workshops and competitions – a special value of the Fairs of Tastes

The 14th International Professional Fairs of Tastes GASTexpo & Ice cream that will bring together 8 Ho-Re-Ca fields – Gastronomy, Beverages, Coffee, Confectionery, Bakery, Ice cream, […]
3. 11. 2021

Preparations for the GASTexpo Fairs of tastes 23 – 26. 3. 2022 are in full swing

Do you miss fairs? Chat, share information and live product presentations? Experiences with the covid epidemic convincingly proves that virtual communication is far from and cannot […]
13. 2. 2022

The 9th national championship “BEST PIZZA CHEF OF SLOVENIA” has been announced

Pizza chefs are already in action! At the GASTexpo Fairs of tastes we will host the 9th open (international) championship “BEST PIZZA CHEF OF SLOVENIA 2022”, […]