The 16th Ho-Re-Ca Hybrid Fairs of Tastes GASTexpo in Ljubljana has come to a successful close
9. 3. 2023
Tastes of St Martin’s Day with GASTexpo
9. 11. 2023

The 17 th HO.RE.CA Fairs of Tastes GASTexpo are coming

This year too, the Ljubljana Trade Fair Centre will be the centre of many opportunities
– and in a new graphic design!
As the region's leading Ho.Re.Ca (Hospitality, Restaurants, Catering) fair, it is an indispensable link between professionals from the same and different Ho.Re.Ca sectors, as well as amateur creators. The fair guarantees quality of service and a varied and diverse range of national and international exhibitors.

HYBRID HO.RE.CA Fairs of Tastes GASTexpo

When will they take place?

The classic part of the fair will take place from 31 January to 3 February 2024, and the digital part from 17 January to 11 February 2024.

What does hybridity mean?

Visitors will be able to attend both in person and digitally, allowing you to engage with exhibitors before, during and after the traditional fair.

This year the showrooms, or digital exhibition spaces, will be accessible directly from our website, giving visitors and exhibitors a better overview of what is happening at the fair and making it easier to connect with each other.

Exhibitors will have more time to introduce themselves, you will have a better understanding of the needs of your potential visitors before the fair and you will be able to create more personalised offers.

Why join us?

Find out about the latest innovations in the world of gastronomy, drinks, coffee, confectionery, bakery and catering – hotel equipment. You can sample delicious food, take part in competitions and expand your knowledge in hands-on workshops with local and international culinary masters.

For the second year in a row, the hybrid version of the fair will also bring a new dimension to business networking and the expansion of B2B business contacts.


Exhibitors, hurry up with your registrations, and visitors, start the countdown to the 17 th International HO.RE.CA Fairs of Tastes GASTexpo.

The Hybrid Fair is definitely a step into the future – Thank you for helping us shape it together!

The Hybrid Fair is definitely a step into the future – Thank you for helping us shape it together!